Small amplitude homogenization applied to models of non-periodic fibrous materials
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique, Volume 41 (2007) no. 6, p. 1061-1087

In this paper, we compare a biomechanics empirical model of the heart fibrous structure to two models obtained by a non-periodic homogenization process. To this end, the two homogenized models are simplified using the small amplitude homogenization procedure of Tartar, both in conduction and in elasticity. A new small amplitude homogenization expansion formula for a mixture of anisotropic elastic materials is also derived and allows us to obtain a third simplified model.

Classification:  35J25,  74Q15,  74B05
Keywords: non-periodic homogenization, fibrous material, small amplitude, low contrast, conduction, linear elasticity, H-measures
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Manceau, David. Small amplitude homogenization applied to models of non-periodic fibrous materials. ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis - Modélisation Mathématique et Analyse Numérique, Volume 41 (2007) no. 6, pp. 1061-1087. doi : 10.1051/m2an:2007050.

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