Winter Braids Lecture Notes

The Winter Braids School was first organized in 2010 at Université de Pau. This is an international and itinerant school, which is held each year in a different french university.

The main topic of the school is low dimensional topology, with a particular emphasis on the multiple aspects of braid groups (algebraic, geometrical, topological or algorithmic). It is organised by Paolo Bellingeri (Caen), Vincent Florens (Pau), JB Meilhan (Grenoble) and Emmanuel Wagner (Paris).

The school is mainly aimed at young researchers. It typically offers four mini-courses, of usually three hours, introducing classical or emerging topics of low dimensional topology and its multiple ramifications. The Winter Braids Lecture Notes contain the lecture notes for these mini-courses.

To know more: link to the organizers website.

Winter Braids X (Pisa, 2020)

Winter Braids IX (Reims, 2019)

Winter Braids VIII (Marseille, 2018)

Winter Braids VII (Caen, 2017)

Winter Braids VI (Lille, 2016)

Winter Braids V (Pau, 2015)

Winter Braids IV (Dijon, 2014)