Thèses d'Orsay

The university of Paris-Sud, renamed Université Paris Saclay since 2019, is one of the major centres of French mathematical research through its mathematics department. The collection of the Thèses d'Orsay displays this research activity, in all fields of mathematics. It is the result of the cooperation between the Bibliothèque mathématique Jacques Hadamard (BJH) and Mathdoc, initiated in 2015 and exhibits some of the theses in mathematics defended at the University of Paris-Sud between 1971 and 2012, digitized by the library. Among them, we find, for example, that of Jean-Marc Fontaine, member of the Orsay Mathematics Laboratory until 2019 and former member of the French Academy of Sciences, or that of Pierre Deligne, Fields Medal (1978), Wolf Prize (2008) and Abel Prize (2013).



Availability in Numdam : 1971-2010

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