Generalized Hypertree Decomposition for solving non binary CSP with compressed table constraints
RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle, Volume 50 (2016) no. 2, pp. 241-267.

Many real-world problems can be modelled as Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs). Although CSP is NP-complete, it has been proved that non binary CSP instances may be efficiently solved if they are representable as Generalized Hypertree Decomposition (GHD) with small width. Algorithms for solving CSPs based on a GHD consider an extensional representation of constraints together with join and semi-join operations giving rise to new large constraint tables (or relations) needed to be temporarily saved. Extensional representation of constraints is quite natural and adapted to the specification of real problems but unfortunately limits significantly the practical performance of these algorithms. The present work tackles this problem using a compact representation of constraint tables. Consequently, to make algorithms compatible with this compact representation, new “compressed join” and “compressed semi-join” operations have to be defined. This last step constitutes our main contribution which, as far as we know, has never been presented. The correctness of this approach is proved and validated on multiple benchmarks. Experimental results show that using compressed relations and compressed operations improves significantly the practical performance of the basic algorithm proposed by Gottlob et al. for solving non binary CSPs with a Generalized Hypertree Decomposition.

DOI: 10.1051/ro/2015017
Classification: 68T20
Keywords: Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Generalized Hypertree Decomposition, compressed table constraints
Habbas, Zineb 1; Amroun, Kamal 2; Singer, Daniel 1

1 LCOMS EA 7306, University of Lorraine, Metz, France.
2 LIMED, Faculté des Sciences Exactes, Université de Bejaia, 06000 Bejaia, Algeria.
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AU  - Habbas, Zineb
AU  - Amroun, Kamal
AU  - Singer, Daniel
TI  - Generalized Hypertree Decomposition for solving non binary CSP with compressed table constraints
JO  - RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle
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PB  - EDP-Sciences
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%0 Journal Article
%A Habbas, Zineb
%A Amroun, Kamal
%A Singer, Daniel
%T Generalized Hypertree Decomposition for solving non binary CSP with compressed table constraints
%J RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle
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Habbas, Zineb; Amroun, Kamal; Singer, Daniel. Generalized Hypertree Decomposition for solving non binary CSP with compressed table constraints. RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle, Volume 50 (2016) no. 2, pp. 241-267. doi : 10.1051/ro/2015017.

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