Moursund Lectures
Cours de Jean-Pierre Serre, no. 16 (1998) , 32 p.
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AU  - Serre, Jean-Pierre
TI  - Moursund Lectures
T3  - Cours de Jean-Pierre Serre
PY  - 1998
IS  - 16
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LA  - en
ID  - CJPS_1998__16_
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%0 Book
%A Serre, Jean-Pierre
%T Moursund Lectures
%S Cours de Jean-Pierre Serre
%D 1998
%N 16
%G en
%F CJPS_1998__16_
Serre, Jean-Pierre. Moursund Lectures. Cours de Jean-Pierre Serre, no. 16 (1998), Duckworth, W. E. (red.), 32 p.


These informal notes are closely based on a series of eight lectures given by J.-P. Serre at the University of Oregon in October 1998. Professor Serre gave two talks per week for four weeks.

The first talk each week was concerned with constructing embeddings of finite groups, especially PSL 2 (p) and PGL 2 (p), into Lie groups. The second talk each week was about generalizations of the notion of complete reducibility in group theory, especially in positive characteristic.

The notes are divided into two parts, one for each of the topics of the lecture series. At the end of the notes, there is a short list of references as a guide to further reading.

Table of contents

Part I. Finite subgroups of Lie groups p. 1
Lecture 1p. 2
Lecture 2p. 5
Lecture 3p. 9
Lecture 4p. 12
Part II. The notion of complete reducibility in group theory p. 15
Lecture 1p. 16
Lecture 2p. 20
Lecture 3p. 22
Lecture 4p. 24

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