SU(n) meronlike configurations and Gribov ambiguities
Annales de l'I.H.P. Physique théorique, Tome 33 (1980) no. 4, pp. 345-362.
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Chakrabarti, A.; Comtet, A.; Viswanathan, K. S. $SU(n)$ meronlike configurations and Gribov ambiguities. Annales de l'I.H.P. Physique théorique, Tome 33 (1980) no. 4, pp. 345-362.

[1] A. Chakrabarti and A. Comtet, Phys. Rev., D 19, 1979, p. 3050. This will be referred to as I. References to principal sources concerning merons can be found in I. [For the construction of merons and related flat space solutions via De Sitter space, see the section 4 of H. Boutaleb-Joutei, A. Chakrabarti, and A. Comtet, Phys. Rev., t. D 20, 1979, p. 1884. Here the aim is to introduce from the beginning, along with spherical symmetry, the consequences of the meron ansatz (Aμ = i/2(∂μU)U-1) and explore the special features thus introduced. The spherically symmetric ansatz has been studied by several authors. See, for example. A.N. Leznov and M.V. Saveliev, Phys. Lett., t. 79 B, 1978, p. 294, and the review article by F.A. Bais, « O(3) symmetric monopoles and instantons » (talk presented at International Workshop, Serpukhov, July, 1979). Joint rotations (isospin and space) were systematically exploited for SU(3) by A. Chakrabarti, Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré, t. 23, 1975, p. 235. The same ansatz for SU(3) was also adopted in E. Corrigan, D.I. Olive, D.B. Fairlie and J. Nuyts, Nucl. Phys. t. B 106, 1976, p. 475.

[2] J. Glimm and A. Jaffe, For this class of ansatz a charge 1/3, instead of being linked in some fashion with SU(3) triality (see the relevant comments in arises for SU(4) with the divergence (3.19), Nucl. Phys., t. B 149, 1979, p. 49. | MR 522948

[3] Irrational charges depending on an angle can arise in different contexts. See for example, E. Witten, « Dyons of charge eθ/2π ». Ref. TH. 2724, CERN (Aug. 1979).

[4] J.H. Yee and K.S. Viswanathan, Other sources on Gribov ambiguities are quoted in this paper, Phys. Lett., t. 76 B, 1978, p. 289.