Modelling and optimization of outpatient appointment scheduling
RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle, Volume 49 (2015) no. 3, pp. 435-450.

We consider the problem of appointment scheduling for outpatient departments in health care systems. The objective is to design an appointment system that minimizes the average waiting time per patient, while at the same time ensuring the effective use of resources, by maximizing doctor utilization and minimizing the average number of patients in the clinic. We model the appointment system problem as a multi-objective optimization problem with three objectives. Several new alternative appointment systems are considered, and the new systems are modelled and simulated using the software Arena. Subsequently, a new version of ranking and selection approaches is used to compare the alternative systems, by constructing a set of Pareto optimal solutions that consists of non-dominated systems with a predetermined level of confidence. Finally, we present the numerical results obtained by implementing the proposed procedure on an outpatient clinic, taking into account the no-show patients as well as the walk-in patients.

DOI: 10.1051/ro/2014041
Classification: 90B50, 90B36, 81T80, 68M20
Keywords: Appointment system, ranking and selection, multi-objective optimization
Alrefaei, Mahmoud H. 1; Diabat, Ali 2

1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Jordan University of Science and Technology, P.O. Box 3030, 22110 Irbid, Jordan.
2 Department of Engineering Systems & Management, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
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AU  - Alrefaei, Mahmoud H.
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Alrefaei, Mahmoud H.; Diabat, Ali. Modelling and optimization of outpatient appointment scheduling. RAIRO - Operations Research - Recherche Opérationnelle, Volume 49 (2015) no. 3, pp. 435-450. doi : 10.1051/ro/2014041.

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